1725 IMU Inertial Sensor System

Superior IMU Performance, Affordable Prices

Fiber Optic Gyro IMU: FOG-based Performance at MEMS Prices
The 1725 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is a 6-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) inertial sensor delivering the outstanding performance and stability of KVH’s fiber optic gyros (FOGs) at prices comparable to lower performing MEMS-based inertial measurement units. The 1725 IMU offers an ideal solution for engineers working with higher level integrated navigation and stabilisation systems. This affordable, high performance commercial-off-the-shelf IMU is comprised of three high performance DSP-1750 gyros integrated with three low noise MEMS accelerometers. It is ideal for applications in which affordability, high bandwidth, and high performance are essential.

Compact design for easy integration
The compact 1725 IMU weighs less than 0.7 kg (1.45 lbs.), and designed as a convenient drop-in replacement package. The 1725 IMU was developed to deliver versatile, reliable performance. It provides flexible interfaces, programmable message outputs, and selectable baud and data rates. The 1725 IMU meets the needs of a broad range of challenging applications such as inertial navigation systems for unmanned platforms, precision stabilisation systems for radar and optical systems, precision pointing and stabilisation systems for antennas and weapons platforms, as well as high accuracy mobile mapping systems.

Highly adaptable, the 1725 IMU features RS-422 asynchronous or synchronous communication with user programmable data rates from 1 to 1000 Hz. With its high bandwidth and low noise, the low-cost 1725 IMU can provide the data output required for the most challenging applications. Designers no longer have to choose between price and performance – they get both FOG-quality performance and the affordability of MEMS with the KVH 1725 IMU.