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Luxury at sea includes being fully connected at all times, high quality Internet connections and multimedia content delivery are no longer optional for today’s yachts, superyachts and commercial vessels. Reliable connectivity is needed to manage day to day operations, maximise owner, guests and charter clients satisfaction and ensure the highest levels of crew welfare. Yet every vessel is unique, so CA Clase offers tailor made solutions that combine highly advanced satellite communications technology with industry leading data monitoring alongside high performance LTE solutions for an unparalleled experience in the maritime market.

Our suite of premium communication services improves your connectivity and thereby your enjoyment and experience at sea. Through our range of satellite network partners and state of art technologies, we are a leading provider of KVH HTS TracPhone VSAT, integrated with LTE, Iridium and other services. Our VSAT service is based on global, regional and multi regional coverages, directly managed by us, for maximum flexibility.

The CA Clase Airtime Services team, work with you to fully understand your needs and design the right solution for your specific yacht or commercial vessel. We support our customers with monitoring platforms and dashboards that provide a full, real time overview of data usage. Whether you need to monitor a single yacht or an entire fleet, from technical data to detailed administrative information, CA Clase is your one stop partner for communication solutions, hardware provision, installation and support.

Contact us to discuss your maritime communications and data needs and put our experience to work for you. We guarantee the highest quality, efficiency, security, flexibility and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

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