CG5100 IMU

Compact, Affordable CG-5100 IMU for Motion Sensing and GPS Backup

The versatile, commercial CG-5100 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) combines proprietary technologies – highly accurate KVH fibre optic gyros (FOGs) coupled with industry proven MEMS accelerometers – all within a compact single enclosure, providing reliability and long term compliance to customer specifications.

KVH’s CG-5100 is a low drift, solid state, FOG-based commercial solution ideally suited for critical sensing applications and GPS-integrated navigation programs. This strap-down inertial subsystem offers outstanding reliability and accurate 6-degrees-of-freedom measurement, making it perfect for critical sensing applications and GPS integrated navigation programs. The CG-5100 achieves its excellent performance by employing proprietary algorithms to a fully digital gyro sensor output, enabling the system to characterise and correct for the effects of temperature and misalignment. It also offers the end user a convenient and easy-to-adapt output in a fully digital RS-232/RS-422 format.