Ultra High Performance Multi-Sensor Camera System

The FLIR M500 cooled thermal night vision camera is our most technologically advanced M-Series camera ever. Designed around a cryogenically cooled Mod Wave Infared (MWIR) thermal sensor, it excels at both short and ultra-long range target detection and identification. The M500 includes a cooled midwave, high resolution 640 x 512 pixel thermal camera with a 1X to 14X continuous optical zoom and a field of view between 28° and 2°. It also comes with an integrated HD colour visible camera system and a spot-beam LED target illumination system. Built on a ruggedised marine gimbal system, the M500 is a pan and tilt camera with standard gyro stabilisation, video tracking and radar integration.


  • Cooled thermal core technology and continuous optical zoom enables early detection of vessels or navigation aids in the distance
  • Active gyro stabilisation delivers a steady image in rough seas, simplifying target identification and enhancing situational awareness
  • Superior FLIR thermal technology allows captain to quickly recognise nearby buoys and detect key landmarks, such as islands or docks


  • Video target tracking automatically keeps the M500 locked onto a moving or stationary target
  • Radar integration allows the M500 to automatically track selected radar targets
  • Firefighting mode provides enhanced awareness for first responders with a target temperature meter and isotherm displays


  • High performance thermal and visible camera payloads for detection and visible identification
  • A 14x optical thermal zoom and a field of view between 2° and 28° enables long range detection
  • Easily identify long range targets with a HD colour visible camera with 30x zoom and a 64° to 2.3° HFOV
  • The M500’s integrated spotlight illuminates nearby targets with powerful LED beam