Visibly Superior Technology

Infinity Series Displays are an economical and effective solution for both marine and military applications. This series of rugged LCD monitors has been designed specifically for use in harsh marine and military environments.

The Infinity Series Displays are rugged marine-grade monitors. Infinity Series Displays are waterproof and built to stringent IP67 standards, ensuring they can be used in the harshest marine conditions. Infinity displays feature scalable resolution up to SXGA, bonded glass that is optically enhanced for clarity, and sunlight-readable display screens. Our 15” model has an extended temperature range for use in an even wider variety of conditions.

Infinity displays feature Nauticomp Inc.’s dim-to-red technology. The Infinity displays also come with a slim case design that puts a larger screen into a smaller chassis. With optional rugged touch screen technology, multiple display inputs, and an emphasis on ease of use, Infinity Series Displays are unparalleled when it comes to economical marine- and military-grade monitors.

Applications of Infinity Series Monitor
Infinity Series Displays have been engineered to be both rugged marine displays and rugged military displays. They are designed for use in the harshest of environments. With an emphasis on efficient design and ease of use, Infinity displays are versatile options for rugged military-grade monitors.

Touchscreen technology and multiple compatible DGI/VGA inputs give the Infinity Series an advantage when it comes to interactive use. The Infinity Series is an economical solution for navigation purposes.

Infinity Series Displays Features
Sunlight Readable – Ready for all environments
Waterproof – Built to Stringent IP 67 Standards
Bonded Glass – Optically Enhanced for clarity
Multiple Inputs – DVI & VGA
Deep Dimming – 0 to 100% via “Potentiometer”
Superior Image – Scalable resolution up to SXGA
Extended Temperature Range on 15” model