Infinity Pro

Visibly Superior Technology

The completely versatile Infinity Pro offers the industries smallest chassis frame and the largest available display.

Product Features

  • Smallest Chassis Size – Larger displays into smaller places
  • Dim to Red – at any level in all source inputs
  • Sunlight Readable – Ready for all environments
  • Waterproof – Built to Stringent IP67 Standards
  • Bonded Glass – Optically Enhanced for clarity
  • Deep Dimming – 0 to 100% via + and – buttons
  • Multiple Inputs – DVI, VGA and Composite (Optional)
  • Superior Image – Scalable resolution up to SXGA
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Enhanced Picture In Picture – Designed to display ALL Inputs

Dedicated Displays
Infinity Pro displays are at the fore front of the marine display market. With the smallest chassis frame and user friendly controls each and every function is easily accessed through our compact external keypad. The user can adjust brightness levels, including our famous dim to red option for night time use.

With unique features like our amazing picture in picture window, the user can quickly and easily switch between inputs, and even switch between auto or manual input selection. Available in 15” and 19” sizes now with highly efficient LED back light technology, and up to 3 inputs per screen the infinity Pro is the most prestigious Pilothouse and Bridge display available.