Maritime entertainment solution for everyone onboard

Economical Solution for Crew Welfare and Operational Needs
Bring licensed content directly to your vessel anywhere in the world with KVH’s new IP-MobileCast content delivery service. Fast and affordable, IP-MobileCast provides premium entertainment content for crew welfare and updated operations content for the bridge. With the recently implemented crew welfare requirements of MLC-2006, it has never been more important to provide onboard access to news, films, television programs, training content, and more, without breaking the SATCOM budget. IP-MobileCast provides:

  • News and entertainment content for meeting MLC-2006 crew welfare requirements
  • Easy way for crew to access content on any device – laptop, smartphone, tablet, television
  • Automatic delivery of global chart databases
  • Hundreds of gigabytes per month of content to the vessel with a separate datastream
  • Entertainment content packages starting at $295 per month; news channels as low as $49/month

Commercially Licensed Content from KVH Media Group
Merchant vessels are commercial environments that must ensure copyrighted materials are licensed for onboard viewing. With IP-MobileCast, all entertainment content is provided by KVH Media Group, a leading provider of licensed content including Hollywood films, popular television series, and more.

Use KVH TracPhone V-IP Series Systems to Get Content Delivery Now
All you need for IP-MobileCast content to start being delivered to your vessel is a TracPhone V-IP series system and mini-VSAT Broadband service. That’s because IP-MobileCast utilises multicasting technology – a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure – to deliver large multimedia and data files over the top (OTT) of KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network without affecting the vessel’s data plan or onboard data speeds.