Steer a Steady Course with KVH

Ensure that your onboard systems have the critical, accurate navigation needed for safe, efficient operations with a rugged, affordable digital compass system from KVH. Digital fluxgate compasses provide precision navigation for leisure and commercial vessels and the best come from KVH, the pioneer in digital compasses for vessels. Offering outstanding performance in rough seas and versatile data outputs to support your onboard systems, we help you chart a safe course wherever your operations take you.

C100 Compass Engine

kvh c100 compass
Innovative Stand-alone Heading Sensor

The KVH C100 Compass Engine is a complete stand-alone sensor that provides accurate heading data in any of six user-selectable digital or analog formats. Compact and affordable, the flexible C100 is designed to be easy to integrate into any system.

The C100 microprocessor-controlled fluxgate compass consists of a toroidal fluxgate sensor element and a small electronics board and results in extremely accurate heading data.