Introducing KVH’s IP-MobileCast for Superyachts


Welcome to mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0 – a new approach to providing high-speed satellite Internet and crystal-clear phone service at sea. Our marine satellite communications solution is designed for the way you use the Internet today. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and no matter what your data needs or where you are cruising, you can stay connected with mini‑VSAT Broadband 2.0.

Everything you need to stay connected

  • Peace of mind – secure communications for even the most sensitive data
  • The best value – faster speeds at lower cost – with no “bill shock”
  • The ultimate flexibility in rate plan and coverage selection
  • Open (OP) plans offer the highest data speeds on the network at every price point with unrestricted access to all applications
  • Usage transparency and no hidden service slow-downs — plus great new tools via the myKVH portal to manage onboard data usage and much more!
  • Investment protection and a smooth path to the future


In a marine industry first, IP‑MobileCast utilises multicasting technology, a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure. The capability to receive KVH’s exciting IP‑MobileCast service is built into all TracPhone VIP systems, and can be easily added to older TracPhone V‑series products with the addition of the KVH Media Server.

If your horizons extend beyond the reach of your satellite TV system, then you need IP-MobileCast for Superyachts. You’ll enjoy our specially curated media library, updated continuously by your TracPhone antenna without any intervention on your part. It just happens. View it on iOS and Android apps which are free for your guests, and on your flat screen TVs driven by KVH Set-top boxes. The design and responsiveness of our user interface makes it easy and fun to switch between media types or to swipe-surf from channel to channel.

For more information, please contact us.

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