KVH DSP-1750 Case Study


KVH’s DSP-1750 FOG is the smallest high performance fibre optic gyro in the world. Designed for ease of integration, the DSP-1750 has a two-piece design allowing the optical sensors to be installed directly on the sensitive axis, with the gyroscope’s control circuit cards integrated elsewhere in the system. The DSP-1750 FOG uses KVH’s unique 170-micron E•Core ThinFiber, the smallest D-shaped optical fibre which is capable of delivering extremely low noise with very high bandwidth.

The DSP-1750 offers numerous configurations to meet the needs of a wide range of stabilisation, guidance, precision pointing and navigation applications. The 1750 FOG is available in dual and single axis configurations with digital or analog outputs. The flexible, adaptable design of the DSP-1750 gyro is ideal for defence and commercial applications in which low payload weight, compact size and high performance are critical to success. This gyro provides cost effective solutions for a vast number of precision pointing, stabilisation and navigation applications including stabilisation of weapon and equipment platforms, navigation and stabilisation for autonomous vehicles for land, sea and air, stabilisation of longer-range optical and sensor systems, high-speed gimbals, tactical missiles and more.

KVH have issued a case study on Accurate Heading for Autonomous Navigation, that can be viewed here

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