LARS Thrane LT-3100S


€ 4,995.00 Excluding VAT/Taxes

CAC Part No. 42-03-001-0

LARS Thrane new LT-3100S GMDSS system is the new solution for GMDSS Distress and Safety communication via satellite. In early 2020, Iridium plans to start its GMDSS services and operation. Being recognized by the IMO and the SOLAS convention, it will be much more than an alternative to Inm-C, offering 100% global coverage and built-in Safety Voice.

This new GMDSS System is fulfilling the new MED directive with Wheel Mark approval. Small and compact. No requirements for either message terminal or printer. The solution will not only offer GMDSS services but also Voice, SMS, and Data. The built-in GNSS/GPS receiver will support features like tracking. Interface for BAM and ECDIS. The Antenna Unit can be installed up to 500 meters from the Control Unit.

• 100% global GMDSS coverage
• Distress Alert & Safety Voice
• Maritime Safety Information (MSI)
• BAM & ECDIS interface
• Voice, SMS & Data
• Up to 500 m antenna cable

The standard LT-3100S GMDSS terminal is offered in a version that includes control unit & bracket mount, handset & cradle, antenna unit & power cable. The standard version fulfills all the GMDSS basic requirements. Additional services like SSAS, GMDSS Alarm Panels and printer, will require the LT-3140S Interface Unit.

The LT-3140S Interface Unit supports:

• GMDSS Alarm Panels
• GMDSS Printer
• SSAS alarm & test buttons
• Bridge Alert Management (BAM)
• Maintenance PC

Installation Wizard
The installation and setup of the LT-3100S GMDSS system has been made user-friendly by adding an Installation Wizard that will guide you through the initial configuration and activation of the system on the Iridium GMDSS Gateway (IGS).

Distress Alert

Distress Alert can be activated by pushing the DISTRESS button on the front of the control unit. A Distress Alert message will be sent to the Iridium GMDSS Gateway (IGS) and immediately forwarded to the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC).

Safety Voice

The LT-3100S GMDSS System is supporting both Safety Voice (priority) and standard Voice (non-priority). The terminal can be configured to automatically setup a Safety Voice call (priority: Distress) to the RCC, if the Distress button has been activated.

Do you have any questions? Want to discuss your particular needs or challenges and how CA Clase can help bring dependable satellite communications onboard?

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Andy Banting

Commercial Marine Sales Manager
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