New R5 Tender Tracking System from Saab

Modern super yachts are increasingly likely not to be sailing by themselves. In order to support a luxurious and secluded life on-board, there often are accompanying vessels and possibly a helicopter. This turns the super yacht into a small fleet of its own that needs to be managed. Saab has turned a tried and true technology for tracking ships called AIS into an innovative Tender Tracking System (TTS) that will help in managing your personal fleet in a way that is both secure and private.

In essence, AIS is meant to enhance situational awareness for all nearby vessels by broadcasting information such as vessel name and position. This is a useful basis for tracking your own assets, and the TTS taps into the power of AIS to achieve that, without telling the rest of the world. This is done by transmitting information over a separate encrypted channel that only appropriate transponders you authorise can decode.

The system uses the R5 SUPREME TTS AIS for the yacht itself; the R5 SOLID TTS AIS for tender boats and service vessels; and the R5A airborne transponder qualified for use in helicopters and planes. It offers full view of both public and private position reports of nearby vessels in all visibility conditions, helps determine estimated time of arrival of you support assets and the ability to track the position history of your fleet. It is a perfect fit for environments where cybersecurity is essential and gives the possibility to exchange encrypted text messages with authorised receivers.

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