discover the new kvh starlink maritime antenna low latency high speed internet at sea system

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The Power and Reliability of KVH, the Speed of Starlink

Easily Enhance Your Onboard Connectivity with KVH & Starlink

Enjoy seamless, intelligent integration of Starlink’s speed and affordability with KVH’s proven global HTS network, multi channel hybrid connections, and outstanding performance. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of KVH’s advanced, integrated services for enhanced security, connectivity, and versatility, all from KVH, an authorized Starlink reseller.

KVH’s exclusive intelligent hybrid channel switching, seamlessly swaps between WiFi, Cellular, VSAT, and now Starlink allowing for the best connection wherever you are.

system uses WiFi when docked
System uses Cellular in coastal area
System uses VSAT or Starlink Offshore
A Comprehensive Hardware and Service Solution

Starlink’s speed, low latency, and affordable data is a fantastic add-on for any of KVH’s great connectivity solutions, including new KVH TracNet terminals, AgilePlans® ONE, and with KVH ONE OpenNet:

  • Choice of KVH TracNet H-series terminal (H30, H60, or H90) with integrated VSAT, 5G, and WiFi
  • KVH’s exclusive intelligent hybrid channel switching
  • Flat panel high-performance maritime Starlink terminal
  • Flat panel high-performance maritime wedge mount
  • Starlink-to-TracNet Hub ethernet adapter
  • 25 m Power over Ethernet cable
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Installation and service through KVH’s global network of authorized agents
  • KVH’s 24/7 live airtime and technical support

In addition, you can easily add a Starlink flat, high performance terminal to existing KVH TracPhone® systems.1

Enjoy Starlink on Its Own or Convert Your Existing System to KVH

KVH is also your source for standalone Starlink terminals and airtime with 24/7 technical support, easy invoicing, and more.

Already have a Starlink? Easily convert your Starlink account to KVH and enjoy a single invoice and all the benefits KVH offers.

1KVH Companion configuration not currently available for TracPhone V30