TracVision HD11

World’s First Truly Global Satellite TV System with Full HD Support

Crystal-Clear Satellite TV Reception with a Global Reach

Keep your crew entertained and reduce your operational challenges by bringing the KVH TracVision HD11 onboard. The ultimate 1 meter satellite TV antenna solution, the HD11 grants everyone a front-row seat to global programming as well as easy user operation. Sharp, uninterrupted reception will help keep crew morale high as fleets move from ocean to ocean.

Technology that Withstands Rough Seas and Bad Weather

The TracVision HD11’s ability to offer the best global coverage and superior performance in adverse conditions is due to groundbreaking design and technology. With a four-axis, fully stabilized antenna, the system tracks satellites from the horizon to directly overhead, even in rough seas. Its advanced Universal World LNB enables reconfiguration for tracking any of more than 100 satellites in its worldwide TV satellite library. The IP-enabled Antenna Control Unit with Ethernet and Wi-Fi allow seamless system control via web browser or free iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® apps.

KVH TracVision HD11 – the ultimate maritime satellite TV for global entertainment and crew morale.