Enjoy the Superior Onboard Internet Experience You and Your Guests Deserve

KVH Elite gives you the freedom to stream HD quality entertainment when you want, anywhere onboard. It’s the perfect solution for the most sophisticated yachts and charters thanks to prioritized bandwidth with no overages or usage limits.

KVH Elite service is available as a fixed weekly or monthly subscription with daily extensions available with reservations extending beyond 7 days. Plus, it is fully compatible with all fielded and new 60 cm TracPhone® V7 HTS, H60, 1 metre V11 HTS and H90 systems with no modifications necessary!

Delight in premium, unlimited Internet VSAT streaming speeds:

  • KVH V11HTS & H90 1 meter antennas offer a KVH Elite maximum download speed of 25 Mbps, typical speed of 15 Mbps, and a committed information rate of 6 Mbps.
  • KVH V7HTS & H60 60 cm antennas offer a KVH Elite maximum download speed of 15 Mbps, typical speed of 10 Mbps, and a committed information rate of 6 Mbps.

Explore KVH Elite

KVH Elite delivers regional high speed, prioritized bandwidth and unlimited HD quality video streaming for yachts and charters, with no throttling or data limits.

KVH Elite Service Where You Need It

KVH Elite is available year round with complete Caribbean coverage, including Florida and the eastern Caribbean islands. KVH Elite service is now also available in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea as well as the new Eastern North American region, extending from Florida to the Canadian Maritimes, starting 7 June 2021 through 30 September 2021. Reservations are being accepted for all regions.

KVH Elite customers enjoy:

  • Full access to the KVH TracPhone HTS-series dual-channel configuration, enabling high-speed data for owners and guests via KVH Elite while crew and operations connectivity can be managed via the Unlimited Use data channel
  • The reliability delivered by KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network and Intelsat’s FlexMaritime service
  • Crystal clear, prioritized VoIP service at all times

And when you aren’t in a KVH Elite region, enjoy:

  • The benefits of KVH’s global mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network
  • 276 million square km (106 million square miles) of Ku band coverage
  • Global connections and unmatched speed as fast as 20 Mbps/3 Mbps (down/up)

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