NEW – LT-4100 Iridium Certus 100 Coming Q3 2021

lars thrane lt-4100 iridium certus 100

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Lars Thrane A/S first Iridium Certus® satellite communication system. We hereby welcome the Iridium Certus® 100 LT-4100 Satellite Communications System that will support 2 x high quality voice channels and IP data speeds of 22/88 kbps(up/down).

We look forward to the launch in Q3 2021 and to start delivering this new product to our partners and customers. Further details and pre order information are available on our website via the following LT-4100 product link shown below.

Lars Thrane LT-4100 Iridium Certus 100 Further Information

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KVH Launches New P Series IMU’s with PIC Technology & High end Accelerometers

KVH Introduces P-series IMUs with PIC Technology and New Accelerometers

The new inertial measurement units (IMUs) feature increased performance designed to meet the needs of autonomous tech applications

We are pleased to announce today that KVH Industries has introduced the P-1750 IMU and the P-1725 IMU to complement the previously released P-1775 IMU and create a full line of IMUs that feature high performance accelerometers and KVH’s patented photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology. The KVH P-series IMUs are offered in the same proven, compact IMU housing design, and now offer more dynamic and accurate sensor performance delivering improved navigation capability and more environmental robustness in vibration and shock capability for more challenging applications.

KVH’s PIC technology features an integrated planar optical chip that replaces individual fibre optic components to simplify production and increase reliability. The accelerometers used in the P-series IMUs offer greater sensitivity and accuracy in their dynamic ranges.  This means KVH P-series IMUs are designed to deliver an order of magnitude better drift (bias instability) and noise (velocity random walk) performance than prior products and offer more than 10 times higher accuracy than less expensive MEMS inertial measurement units. KVH P-series IMUs feature easy integration with flexible power and communications interfaces, outstanding repeatability unit-to-unit, and increased product life as a result of the PIC technology.

KVH P-series IMUs are designed for the most challenging applications on land, sea, and air, including autonomous trucks and people movers, drones, AUVs, ROVs, and platform stabilization. The industries that leverage these applications include transportation, military, agriculture, construction, and mining.

With the expanded line of P-series IMUs, KVH provides multiple options for autonomous engineers who are seeking improved performance and a choice of low-noise, high performance accelerometers at a more favorable price point than comparable offerings. The P-1775 IMU is KVH’s premier IMU in terms of accuracy and is offered with 10g or 30g accelerometers to meet autonomous platform specifications. The P-1750 IMU is a versatile high performance IMU featuring a choice of 10g or 30g accelerometers for autonomous and manned platforms. The P-1725 IMU is a compact, commercial IMU featuring PIC technology and 10g accelerometers for outstanding performance and serves as an affordable alternative to lower performing MEMS products.

KVH is a leading innovator for assured navigation and autonomous accuracy using high performance sensors and integrated inertial systems. KVH’s widely fielded TACNAV® tactical navigation systems are currently in use by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps as well as many allied militaries around the world. KVH’s fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and FOG-based IMUs are in use today in a wide variety of applications ranging from optical, antenna, and sensor stabilization systems to mobile mapping solutions and autonomous platforms and cars.

To find out more information, visit

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NEW – KVH TracPhone V30 VSAT

KVH Unveils New TracPhone V30, the Ultra Compact, Fast, and Affordable Digital VSAT System; Unlimited Use Plans Now Offer Worldwide Coverage and Higher Speeds

 KVH sets a new standard for VSAT with the launch of TracPhone® V30. This new 37 cm digital VSAT system, designed to be easy to install and use, packs a big punch for its size.

This rugged antenna is small, light, has a single coaxial cable, and is DC powered to ensure that installation is fast and simple. The TracPhone V30 offers outstanding reception with improved signal efficiency and low running costs over KVH’s mini-VSAT HTS network.

Hardware Highlights
  • Smallest, lightest, lowest powered maritime VSAT system
  • Ultra-compact 37 cm antenna weighing 6KG
  • Compact Below Deck Control unit
  • 10-30 VDC Power
  • Single COAX cable connection
Connectivity Highlights
  • Super-fast speeds up to 6/2 Mbps (down/up)
  • KVH enhanced VoIP service
  • Multi-level Cybersecurity Program with advanced network-level firewall
  • Worldwide metered and unlimited use airtime plans
  • KVH Manager and Category Control Data Management
  • Flexible Airtime Rate Plans from as little as £69.00 per (USD Rate Dependent)
  • Unlimited Data Plans from £109.00 per Month (USD Rate Dependent)

The new TracPhone V30 has everything you need to stay connected while at sea and, with superfast speeds, low power consumption and unlimited worldwide data usage, there is nothing on today’s market to match it for both performance and size.

In addition, the new KVH Manager portal provides powerful data management tools to give valuable real time insight and control over data usage.

To find out more information, visit

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PRE Order LARS Thrane LT-3100S


lars thrane lt-3100s showcase

NEW – Iridium GMDSS Global Service & LARS Thrane LT-3100S GMDSS

The new standard in maritime safety communications is being launched as part of IMO’s drive to modernise the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) later this month.

This new GMDSS service will deliver distress alerts to rescue coordination centers (RCCs) during global emergencies at sea. It will send identification data, status and position information to the RCC when the emergency red button is pressed for more than three seconds.

Iridium’s GMDSS service will also facilitate distress voice communications with direct calls at the highest priority to an RCC once the alert has been received. Maritime Safety Information (MSI) will be broadcast to ships, including navigational and meteorological information using Iridium SafetyCastThis uses Iridium’s constellation of 66 cross linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that already deliver commercial communications, connectivity and automatic identification system (AIS) data.

GMDSS has been provided to ships for more than 30 years using L Band radio frequencies over Inmarsat’s geostationary satellites. The addition of Iridium’s LEO constellation extends the coverage. Ships in sea area A4 will in the future will have access to GMDSS, so for the first time it will be global.

The very latest LARS Thrane LT-3100S available soon is the first GMDSS terminal available for this new Iridium service and we are now accepting pre orders find out more about this new terminal visit LARS Thrane 3100S GMDSS

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NEW – Digital Yacht NavDoctor

Digital Yacht NavDoctor

NEW from Digital Yacht

“NAVDoctor is the perfect NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool for dealers, installers and boat builders. It turns any mobile device in to an NMEA 2000 network analyser, creating simple and clear web pages that show the health and status of your NMEA 2000 network.”

NAVDoctor is a portable NMEA 2000 network diagnostic tool/tester. It allows you to quickly check and diagnose the NMEA 2000 network. It combines the functionality of existing NMEA 2000 display programs and test equipment into a single, cost effective, simple plug ‘n play box.

It’s self powered from the network and creates a local wifi point for a mobile phone, tablet or PC to connect.  Once connected, you simply access functions through a web browser so there’s no complicated software to install.

NMEA 2000 networks are based on a robust Canbus architecture, but one bad device, cable or termination can have a detrimental effect on performance.  Fault finding can be time consuming and tricky, so having a NAVDoctor in your toolkit, will save you time, money and frustration.

NAVDoctor is an essential tool for every marine electronics technician or installer and also offers the capability of printing a network health check certificate to validate an installation and improve customer service.

Watch our YouTube video for more information.

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Latest – KVH TracVision & TracPhone Cashback Offers

kvh logo latest news




Whether you’re an existing customer who wants to upgrade or you’ve been using a competing product and want to make the move to the No. 1 VSAT and satellite TV solution, it’s never been easier or more affordable to bring the best onboard with KVH’s special offers on award-winning TracPhone® and TracVision® systems.

TracPhone V/IP-series Customer Loyalty Upgrade Specials

Upgrade to TracPhone V7 HTS or V11 HTS & Claim $5,000 Cashback

Trade in your current KVH TracPhone V or V IP series VSAT antenna for the award winning TracPhone V7 HTS or the new V11 HTS with speeds as fast as 20 Mbps plus an unlimited use data channel.

Upgrade to a TracPhone V3 HTS & Claim $2,000 Cashback

Trade in your KVH TracPhone V3 or V3 IP for the new ultra compact 37cm TracPhone V3 HTS with download speeds as fast as 5 Mbps.

Upgrade your 1 Metre VSAT and Switch to KVH & Claim $5,000 Cashback

It’s time to get a better VSAT! Switch to the award winning TracPhone V7 HTS or the new TracPhone V11 HTS with speeds as fast as 20 Mbps plus an unlimited data channel.

Exclusive for Inmarsat Customers Make the Move to KVH & Claim up to $2,500 Cashback

Switch to a TracPhone V3 HTS or V7 HTS VSAT antenna system with data speeds as fast as 10 Mbps down. T&C’s apply.

TracVision Cashback Offer

KVH TracVision TVRO up to $750 Cashback Offer – TV Series, UHD 7 and HD11

Purchase a new TracVsion TVRO satellite TV antenna between 1st October 2020 and 31st December 2020 and claim up to $750 cashback T&C’s apply.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions? Want to discuss your particular needs or challenges and how CA Clase can help? Reach out and connect with a member of our sales team CONTACT US.

For further details & full T&C’s CLICK HERE.

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NEW – Partnership with Poynting Tech

poynting logo lr

poynting omni 291 antenna

NEW Maritime & Land Mobile Partnership with Poynting Tech

We are very excited about our new partnership with Poynting Tech based in Johannesburg who are the leading manufacturer of cellular LTE antenna solutions for maritime and land mobile applications and a perfect addition to our range of PEPWAVE LTE Routers.

We are able to provide competitive pricing on their range of market leading antennas and with a portfolio of products for 3G, 4G, LTE, GPS and GLONASS as well as WiFi WAN applications we should have the right antenna for your requirements.

Poynting antennas can be used in all industry sectors that require enhanced and dependable cellular wireless communication whether it is residential working from home, automotive or leisure and commercial maritime Poynting have an antenna to suit.

In addition, we can provide a number of specialised Poynting antenna options for the maritime and RV markets. These solutions are ideal for creating and enhancing networks which are required to be rural, mobile or even offshore.

Contact us for further details or see our maritime and RV range of antennas via this link CLICK HERE.


poynting omni 403 antenna

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Taking Online Security Seriously

We are pleased to say that as part of our Cyber Security initiatives, CA Clase (UK) Limited has become Cyber Essentials certified. Cyber Essentials is a Government backed and industry supported scheme that helps businesses to protect themselves against the ever growing threat of cyber attacks.

Jointly developed by the UK government and the cyber security industry, the Cyber Essentials scheme defines a baseline standard of security for businesses in the UK. It outlines the controls that all organisations should implement to help mitigate risks from common internet based threats.

Our certification marks another step on our journey of continuous security improvement and adds a level of external, independent assurance that we are doing the right things to help protect our staff, clients, systems, and services. Find out more about how Cyber Essentials by visiting the National Cyber Security Centre

cyber essentials certified

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Introducing the TracVision TV10

CA Clase (UK) Ltd is pleased to debut the KVH Tracvision TV10 KU band satellite TV antenna.

This newest addition to the KVH family is the world’s lightest 1 metre satellite TV antenna and delivers unprecedented signal strength and extended coverage for flawless reception of SD and HD regional TV services around the world.

Featuring advanced inertial based stabilisation and search, and KVH’s proprietary RingFire technology, the TracVision TV10 provides superior coverage and reception, even in the roughest seas.

KVH TracVision TV10

TracVision TV10 Highlights

  • World’s newest and lightest 1 metre high efficiency antenna. As much as 10% lighter than leading competitor’s antennas.
  • Seamless access to live news, sports channels, entertainment, and movie programming from leading KU Band regional satellite TV services throughout the world.
  • Industry first, the TV10 comes with two LNB kits included as standard: a Linear Universal Quad LNB and a Stacked US Circular LNB (for Ku Band DISH (HD and SD) and DIRECTV SD in the US).
  • Additional LNB conversion options available. These include Tri-Americas, DIRECTV Latin America, and SKY Mexico.
  • Innovative and compact below deck TV Hub (no rack mounting required).
  • System configurations support multiple receivers with simple onboard integration.
  • Easy installation using 1 to 4 cables plus an antenna mounting pattern that matches competing 1 metre systems.

For further information, including pricing and datasheets, please contact

Click here to visit KVH TracVision TV10 Product Page 

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C A Clase’s Commitment to You During COVID-19

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the business continuity plans we have in place during the current outbreak of COVID-19.

The health and wellbeing of our staff, business partners and customers is of paramount importance to us. As a company, we have been closely monitoring the situation and following all available advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Public Health England (PHE) and The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). All travel and meetings have been reviewed and will either take place virtually or postponed.

Our primary objective throughout is to ensure business continuity without jeopardising the health and safety of all those we work with and, to this end, we have established contingency plans. We hold a healthy level of stock of our main products which should minimise any impact of a supplier being directly affected by the virus. While restrictions to shipping services are outside of our control, we are closely monitoring any impact in this area and we do have access to a wide number of logistics providers and solutions.

We are able to operate most business functions remotely, in conjunction with a number of business partners that would, if necessary, be able to assist with the physical fulfillment of orders. In the case of technical assistance being required, we would continue to offer support via ‘phone, email and video conferencing while also having the ability to call upon fully qualified contractors in the event that a physical presence is required and it is deemed appropriate to do so.

Our airtime services are expertly supported by our partner, KVH, and they have also issued comprehensive continuity plans which aim to provide continuous best-in-class services during this challenging period.

With the plans we have in place, I currently assess the direct impact to our services as low. I do, however, recognise that this is a constantly changing picture and would like to assure you that the situation will continue to be monitored and any further updates issued as soon as possible if we feel there may be any change to that assessment.

Jason Macintosh
Managing Director

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