NEW – LT-4100 Iridium Certus 100 Coming Q3 2021

lars thrane lt-4100 iridium certus 100

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Lars Thrane A/S first Iridium Certus® satellite communication system. We hereby welcome the Iridium Certus® 100 LT-4100 Satellite Communications System that will support 2 x high quality voice channels and IP data speeds of 22/88 kbps(up/down).

We look forward to the launch in Q3 2021 and to start delivering this new product to our partners and customers. Further details and pre order information are available on our website via the following LT-4100 product link shown below.

Lars Thrane LT-4100 Iridium Certus 100 Further Information

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